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Galvanized Steel Posts - Postmaster

If you are looking for galvanized steel posts for your redwood fence, then you are probably looking for the PostMaster Steel Post. These posts providing the strength and durability of steel but are easily hidden.


Postmaster - Hidden
Postmaster - Exposed
OLD METHOD - Round Post


Master Halco’s patented POSTMASTER® steel post is the industry leader in a whole new revelution to the fencing industry that we use in approximately 40% of all the wood fences we install. These posts are constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating, POSTMASTER can withstand high winds and heavy rain and will never rot or warp. Master Halco guarantees it – every POSTMASTER steel post is backed by a 15-year limited warranty.  

Why use a steel post when I could use wood?
Wood posts rot over time and can warp or twist due to rain, wind or extreme temperatures. Both the integrity and appearance of a wood fence is lost after the wood posts begin to rot from exposure or termite infestation. POSTMASTER galvanized steel posts give an ordinary wood fence the strength of steel very little additional cost.


Will steel posts withstand high winds?
Yes, POSTMASTERS are designed to withstand a 70-mph wind load (6’ Privacy fence with posts spaced every 8’) determined in accordance with the requirements of the 1994 Uniform Building Code for exposure “B”. This is the requirement for building departments in many cities.


Is PostMaster more expensive than wood posts?
Only slightly. Good quality materials, like good workmanship, always cost a
little more. While the initial cost of PostMaster may be slightly more than a
wood post, and often less expensive than heavy pipe posts with brackets, the
cost of future maintenance outweighs the benefits of a lower initial price.


Do I have to sacrifice the look of my wood fence to use galvanized posts?
Not any more! PostMaster’s design can be easily covered and hidden with matching wood, retaining the look of your wood fence. Whether all the fence pickets (boards) are on one side or you have a good neighbor fence, this is a great solution!






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