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Farm and Ranch Fencing

When it comes to protecting your farm, livestock and crops, Superior Fence Construction and Repair, Inc knows what it takes to get the job done right! We understand that your farm and ranch fencing needs to be not only safe and secure, but also cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.
We offer a variety of field fencing styles and options to fit your different functional and budget goals.

3 & 4 Wood Board Fence
Wood board fences are the most traditional type of horse fencing. Often referred to as "estate fencing", these fences are most typically 3 – 4 horizontal planks of hardwood that are nailed or lag screwed into evenly spaced posts. Board fences are most traditionally painted white and come with many advantages. Some of these advantages include a classic aesthetic look, a long lifetime with maintenance, and high visibility and strength.

Barbed Wire
Barbed wire is an a great and inexpensive fencing option which is most commonly used for pasture areas to keep livestock within specific areas. Barbed wire is often used in conjunction with woven wire fencing  to prevent large animals from breaking down fences and to keep smaller animals from digging under the fence. If the fence is for cattle or horses, four-wire barbed wire is most common.

No-Climb Woven Wire Fence
Woven wire is a traditional type of farm fencing used to contain a variety of farm animals. It is commonly used to contain sheep, but can be used to contain larger animals especially when used in conjunction with a couple strands of barbed wire on top. It consists of horizontal lines of smooth wire held apart by vertical wires evening spaced into rectangles 2 inches by 4 inches apart. A variety of sizes are available to based on your needs.

A four-foot high woven wire fence, with one to two strands of barbed or electric wire along the top of the fence makes an excellent perimeter fence to most ranches. The advantage to woven wire fences is that they offer a more visible barrier.

Woven Wire Fence




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