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Wood Fence Styles

 Board on Board Privacy Fence

Privacy fences
around your home are an important investment. A well-designed redwood or cedar wood privacy fence adds considerable value to your property, while protecting you and your family from view when you’re outdoors or inside your home. In addition, they protect you from having to view unsightly neighboring properties and add a strong measure of security for your safety and valuable possessions. About 30% of your neighbors are upgrading to hidden galvanized steel posts for added durability and strength for only a couple dollars more per foot!

Good Neighbor Fence

This is a wood fence style that was developed when subdivisions became prevalent. The idea was to give each neighbor sections of what was called the "good side of the fence" so everyone felt they were getting the same when they purchased a house. One section will have vertical fence boards showing and the next section will have rails with the vertical boards behind. This effect is created by alternating the vertical boards from one side of the rails to the other along each typical eight foot section so neither neighbor sees a ´bad side´. This 6 foot residential good neighbor fence with dog ear tops is the most commonly found fencing found in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Cap and Trim Fence

For a more upscale finished look we suggest adding a 2x4, 2x6 or 2x8 top cap fencing. Caps and footers are usually trim finishes on the top of a redwood or cedar wood fence. A cap helps to make a fence look complete while keeping rain out of the porous cuts of the wood. You commonly found this type on wood fences that face the street in the newer residential developments.

Post and Rail Fence


Post and Rail

If an open, informal, natural-looking fence is what you are looking for, then post and rail fencing is the solution. Although split rail fences were originally used for farms and ranches to keep livestock from wandering, modern rail fences have been preferred by many homeowners throughout the years due to their durability. The open design will let you economically fence the boundary of large or small areas. This type of fence is also often referred to as "ranch style" or "horse" fences. Post and Rail fencing can appear rustic or formal depending on the style and material you choose. Either style can be used decoratively.

Shadowbox Fence


Shadow Box

Shadow box fencing provides a very sharp looking alternative to a standard fence, however it is only semi-private. This is fairly common and is what we have heard referred to as a neighbor friendly fence. This is a wood fence built with redwood or cedar pickets being installed opposite sides of one another and spaced apart. It does two things, one is it allows wind to pass thru easier which helps fence to hold up better and second gives a little more openness to a yard if that is the desire. While others walking or driving by can see partially through your shadowbox fence to the backyard but this gives a unique and interesting look.

Split Rail Fence


Split Rail

Split rail fences are simple in their construction and are ideal for decorative fencing around your home and yard. The posts and rails are rough cut and squarish in shape. The cedar split rail fence should technically be considered a post and rail fence, but it is sometimes considered a separate type of fencing. The posts in a split rail fence are almost identical to post and rail fence posts, although they always use a slotted joint type. The rails are made from a round log that has been split into quarters, hence the split rail name. These fences have a very rustic look and can be quite attractive.



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